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Functional Programming Strategies

In Scala With Cats

Functional Programming Strategies is the evolution of Scala with Cats. The goals for this new book include the original goals for the updated Scala with Cats, hard copy and updates for Cats 2, but expand to cover the core concepts and techniques that I've used in building software in Scala for over a decade. If I'm successful, reading this book should give anyone using Scala, or indeed any related functional language, the toolkit to build exceptional software.

These changes take the emphasis away from type classes, and over time I came to feel the old title no longer reflected the content of the book. Hence a new title was needed. As the book is now focused of the idea of programming strategies, Functional Programming Strategies was the obvious choice. The subtitle In Scala with Cats reflects the heritage of the book, and the continued inclusion of material on type classes and their implementation in Cats.

Thanks to everyone who supported Scala with Cats and the new book. It's been a long journey, but hopefully you'll find it has been worthwhile.


Scala with Cats is still available in HTML, PDF, and, ePub.

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Support the Book

There are a few options if you'd like to support Functional Programming Strategies. Once printed books are available you could purchase a copy (or perhaps one for you and one for a colleague?) If you need help with a Scala project there is a great team available at Inner Product.

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